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Our Story

Mochibees is established by two young food enthusiasts with brilliant minds & lots of love for food & sweets. Living in New York, we were exposed to diverse dessert cultures, so we decided to start a dessert business someday. For many years, we tried busking by making samples while traveling to various countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, and the Netherlands. In late 2021, we finally decided to open Mochibees with absolute confidence in our Mochi-donut after much research and practice.

We love introducing this new crisp, chewy, light & fluffy dessert ‘Mochi-donut’ to people unfamiliar with it. We aim to please you by consistently delivering a quality product & excellent service.

Crispy outside & Chewy inside with a subtle sweetness from the glaze.

After much trial and error, we developed a low sweetness donut that is still sweet enough for health-conscious parents to feed their kids with less guilt. We also put much effort into creating a taste that is not irritating for the elderly, accustomed to regular donuts.

Thanks to the efforts put into this, the age group of our customers is more diverse. We are thankful we can reach and touch the hearts of many people of all ages with our mochi donuts.

Made fresh every day!

Our Signature Mochi Donuts

Made fresh daily in small batches using only the finest ingredients!
Our menu is changing every day, please stay connected for the newest flavors, daily sales, and events.


Matcha Oreo

Milk Pebbles

Black Sesame

Chocolate Crunch


Blueberry Choco

Maple Bacon

Matcha Choco Crunch

Strawberry Funnel Cake

New flavors added every day!

Mochibee’s Boba Tea

Brown Sugar

Cafe Latte


Milk Tea

Rose Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea

Mella Bees





Brown Sugar

Purple Sweet Potato

New menu

Korean Hot Dog

Now available in our Duluth & Alpharetta locations only!

Our Happy Customers

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Mochibees' Catering

Hot, fresh, made-to-order Mochibees' Mochi-donuts for the ultimate dessert. Order now for your next big event!
Please submit your inquiry using our contact form below, we will follow up shortly.

Franchise Inquiry

What makes our brand different from other franchises?
The main difference is that royalties are not taken as a percentage of the merchant's sales. We receive only the contract amount at the beginning; you can bring more benefits as the business goes well. And while general franchise owners only introduce vendors such as equipment and construction, we provide all support for the store from start to finish until opening.
Future Prospects of Mochibees
Starting from Georgia, we aspire and hope to expand to different locations such as Chicago and Korea from 2022. We are also in development for drinks to go with our mochi donuts. We expect to grow into a more competitive company.
How to apply?

You can apply by phone (470) 760-7434 or email at Visit our store at any time for consulting. After the contract is signed, training is provided during the construction period. After opening the store, we will take care of the overall system, such as the workflow. We will spare as much effort to support you to start the business as soon as possible.

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